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Email Marketing Goes Social

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Email marketing is one of the oldest tools in online marketing. But as everything else in the web, its practices changed in the last years. What used to seen as web 1.0 marketing, now can (and must) be seen as web 2.0. It’s not a one way street as it used to be.

It is also about engagement

We don’t want customers to simply open our emails, that’s only the first step, what we really want is interaction. Interaction most of the times means a click, which can either lead me to the company’s website, a landing page or even to one of the company’s social networks profile. This depends on the goals you’d like to achieve and which is the best channel to use in order to accomplish that.

It is also about permission

On Facebook and Twitter customers need to decide whether they will or won’t like/follow the brand. And they can unlike/unfollow whenever they want. That’s exactly the same practice email marketing must take, customers need to opt-in first. And once they are in your email list, they have to be able to easily opt-out.

It is also about integration

As we know it’s essential to add your social network profiles to your website, and vice-versa. Same thing happens with email marketing. It’s essential to add your Twitter and Facebook accounts to any of your email campaigns, and you can even go one step further and promote all your channels across all your channels. A great example is from the shoe retailer crocs, which is currently doing different promotions for customers who are newsletter subscribers. This is a great way to incentive fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter to become subscribers. But it is also a great way for subscribers to become fans and/or followers, since these are going to be promoted in the newsletter.

It is also about measuring

Email marketing compared to any other channel, still is one of the easiest to measure. Some words to keep in mind – hard/soft vouches, open rate, no clicks, click though rate and tagged email links. These are essential information you need in order to effectively measure your email marketing campaign.

It is also about social media

Basically we can say email marketing is also about social media. Technically is not part of it, but must be treated as equal. After all, if done well it drives engagement, interaction and conversation. What else do you need?


Written by Cristina Dresch

May 1, 2011 at 8:07 PM

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