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Did You Google Your Name Today?

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Do you believe in personal branding? No? I bet you believe in SEO then.

I’m sure you’ve already tried to Google your name before. We’ve all done it, even back in the day when Google was not even a verb yet (by the way, Google is a teenager now, happy 13th!) It’s funny how things change. At the old days when social media was not around, you would only rank if you had a personal website. Then, not long after, everyone who had a blog with decent amount of views or a very distinguish name, would also rank. Those days are now over…

Ok. My name is easy. It’s Cristina (no, not cHristina). And even though I’m Brazilian, most of my accounts are set to English. So not many CRistinas around. My point is, I’ve got results that were actually me in every single link of the first page (and the second, but I don’t think there are any reasons to brag… nowadays with social media that’s incredibly easy!).

So here’s what I searched for: Cristina Dresch
And here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Twitter – I liked this one!
  2. Facebook – who cares? My friends won’t Google my name to find me on FB
  3. Facebook – who cares? My friends won’t Google my name to find me on FB
  4. Blog from work – my welcome post, from my previous job, ooops!
  5. Google profile – wouldn’t you expect this to be in the 1st position? a bit ironic ;)
  6. Econsultancy’s membership – which recently expired
  7. Quora – does anyone still use Quora?
  8. Awesomize – which btw I’ve got to delete, I don’t actually use this
  9. Meetup – this one is ok I guess

I will confess, while going through my results I had to update at least 4 profiles. It’s been a month since I started in my new job, and as you would expect (or not!) I didn’t update most of my bios.

My question here is – Do I really want these results to be there? Where is my precious blog? My Linkedin profile? My about.me page? My tumblr? The interesting stuff is simply not there. And that freaks me out a bit.

Did you Google your name today? The results also freak you out a bit?


Written by Cristina Dresch

September 27, 2011 at 9:36 PM

Posted in SEO, Social, Web 2.0

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  1. Interesting! Realmente uma surpresa ver nome no google! Ja havia feito mas agora different…..


    September 28, 2011 at 11:43 AM

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